Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together. We would like to thank all who partner with us through service, strategic financial or gifts-in-kind donations, and leadership. Thank you for being a pillar of this Serve the Burgh partnership!

There are 3 levels of partnership that we offer. You can select one or a combination of the partnership levels. The following is a breakdown of each level. 

Level I Partner: The partner selects a project at their church or organization in which Serve the Burgh volunteers assist the partner along with their own volunteers to complete the assigned project. 

Level II Partner: The partner joins already established projects and provides volunteers from their church or organization to assist Serve the Burgh project leaders and volunteers. 

Level III Partner: The partner facilitates their own projects, project leaders and volunteers and Serve the Burgh provides resources to assist the partner church or organization in successfully planning, coordinating and executing their projects through...

  1. Setting goals and enlisting administrative help
  2. Scouting potential projects by contacting various local/regional organizations and coordinating with projects already in progress with Serve the Burgh
  3. Recruiting and empowering project leaders
  4. Promoting STB via videos, print communications, and digital communications 
  5. Registration of volunteers for projects
  6. T-shirt and resource ordering
  7. Follow-up, reporting and celebration

Financial Partner: The partner provides financial support of our Serve the Burgh Weekend of Service through monetary and/or gifts-in-kind donations. Currently donations are processed through our partner Riverside Community Church and a tax receipt will be provided for your donation. 

Recipient Organization: All organizations receiving assistance as part of our service are not asked to provide volunteers or financial support unless they desire to do so. However, we do ask recipient organizations to provide the necessary materials for their approved projects and we will provide the project leadership and labor through our many volunteers and leaders. Submit an idea for a project at your organization by filling out the form here

Become a Partner

If you would like to partner with us, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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